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We the ZAMAN ARMO (PVT) LTD are managed by a board of directors and have an excellent financial standing because of our executed projects and other business concerns going on as we speak.The chairman of the group is Khurshied-uz-Zaman and..

The Company philosophy of dedicated management as per the given specifications of products ensures that the teams members quickly take on the responsibility assigned to them and are able to respond to the client’s requirements.

ZAMAN ARMO (PVT) LTD mission is to meet the needs of the Pakistan Army, Air Force by providing the most modern and comprehensive equipment & fleet support on the market, complemented by highest standard of product knowledge.

About Zaman Armo

Zaman Armo (PVT) LTD is an International Company with expertise in Defense Procurement for the Aviation wing of the Pakistan Army & Air Force. It is being run by a team of Ex-Army & Air Force offers with more than 14 years of experience in Defense related projects. Based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan & registered with Director General Defense procurement (DGDP) & KAMRA (Air Force Servicing wing of Pakistan), We enjoy tremendous respect & reputation with the added benefit of local knowledge to negotiate at all levels.

Zaman Armo (PVT) LTD enjoys tremendous credentials among Military careers and posseses the right expertise and technical know-how to operate and collaborate with the Pakistan Armed Forces. We believe in aggressively grabbing opportunities from source and effectively fulfilling the need based demand. The driving force behind our company are the individuals who are relentlessly working upon getting business for our foreign principals and suppliers and maintaining an excellent relationship with them.
Offering a link between the Technology Provider and End Users, the ZAMAN ARMO (PVT) LTD) has provided years of independent and authoritative analysis on an extensive array of defence related equipments to serve armed forces, police and civilian customers including policy and strategy, ZAMAN ARMO (PVT) LTD is an international firm based in the city of Rawalpindi Pakistan. We specialize in the provision of equipment to the Pakistan Military and Civilians customers, which is wide ranging from state-of-art by illustrating the latest technological developments, strategies in industry and defence related products.