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Mission and Vision

Welcome to the Zaman Armo Pakistan

ZAMAN ARMO (PVT) LTD mission is to meet the needs of the Pakistan Army, Air Force by providing the most modern and comprehensive equipment & fleet support on the market, complemented by highest standard of product knowledge. ZAMAN ARMO (PVT) LTD fosters values of excellence and innovation among its EMPLOYEES and considers its contractors and suppliers to be partners working in the interests of safety, quality and performance. We The ZAMAN ARMO (PVT) LTD provide clients with the knowledge and experience to explore the defence markets. We provide the best solution to our esteemed customers.

We know the defense markets because we are from there. Our consultants, who are ex-army officers, have worked for some of the largest technology firms, in roles including marketing, product management, sales and R&D. Leadership & initiative drives Zaman Armo (PVT) LTDthe ethos of ZAMAN ARMO (PVT) LTD is to be an international company which thrives on the technical know how of its workforce & quickly respond to the needs of its customers.

Your goals are our top priority and you as customer are over credential. Our trade support/ service is available to you and accountable in exhausting our resource to maximum strength to provide you ultimate service in achieving your goal. ZAMAN ARMO (PVT) LTD enable its customers to focus on their critical, competitive advantages by supplying a superior combination a products while combine ZAMAN ARMO (PVT) LTD services for product promotion to achieve the ultimate goal.

We aim to promote a sense of confidence / security in relationships we establish with our principals and customers. Our open policy allows us to be upfront with our commission and fees in relation to market forces and ground realities to achieve the projects. Our advise based on the real situation is always in our clients best interest. At ZAMAN ARMO (PVT) LTD, dialogue is a vital part of the working day. Communication channels between employees and managers are always open, ensuring that any problems are dealt with swiftly and effectively. Passion and pride are emotions common among ZAMAN ARMO (PVT) LTD people: passion about the jobs they do and pride in the after sales service they deliver. We believe fast speed information acquisition, follow up, reactions to achieve the ultimate success of our principals while maintaining the best interest of our customer

We supply office equipment all over in Pakistan.

As an independent service provider, we sell all kind of office equipments on your door step.