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We are specialized on services .


We the ZAMAN ARMO (PVT) LTD are managed by a board of directors and have an excellent financial standing because of our executed projects and other business concerns going on as we speak.

The chairman of the group is Khurshied-uz-Zaman and CEO Muhammad Naveed Ahmad followed by the board who looks after the strategic side of the business and then a highly experienced team of Ex service men which included retired senior Pak Army officers, Ex Generals, Colonel and Air Commodore
We provide the best services and market intelligence to help OEMs, technology provider principals and End users- with the help of experts, experienced in the defence industry, knowledgeable about customers and needs, equipped with a thorough work plan that is communicated to the customer.

Field of Expertise

A Truly Global Perspective with multi-dimension stake holder management approach. We offer our services to negotiate contacts for any potential buyer or supplier.
1. Specialized in varying Aviation & Air Force demands ranging from basic infrastructures on ground to specialized system installation on Airborne platforms to include Night Vision, Forward Looking Infrared, Strike Equipment, Threat Perception and Early Warring, ECMs and ECCMs.
2. Americans all type of "M" Series, Chinese "T" Series MBT, Maintenance & procurement and provision / coordination of spares supply, major repair, overhaul, system up gradations and liaison between foreign OEMs and local customers in Armed / Civil Forces and local repair / overhaul agencies.
3. French Fleet Maintenance including spares supply, coordination of major repair / overhaul, system up gradation, liaison between foreign / local repair agencies.
4. Mushahak fixed wing spares provision and liaison between foreign OEMs and Air Craft manufacturing Factory, Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra.
5. Spares supply, maintenance / repair coordination and liaison between Chinese / Russian OEMs and Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra rebuild and overhaul Factories.
6. Diagnostic equipment for Turbine Engines & test equipments.
7. Ground support equipment for aircrafts.
8. Simulators (maintenance & flying)
9. Up gradation / repair of maintenance facilities
10. Training, coordination / liaison between local and foreign training facilities to arrange local students of Armed Forces training at foreign renowned technical training institutes. Organize training of foreign students at training facilities of Armed Forces and Civil Armed Forces.
11. Visit planning and conduct. Organizing visits of Foreign Delegation to Armed Forces / Civil Armed Forces including visit planning, security clearance, visit conduct with provision of conducting officers from ZAMAN ARMO (PVT) LTD and arranging reception / accommodation.
12. Organizing Helicopter Chartered Service from Pakistan Armed Forces
13. Conduct of marketing / publicity campaigns
14. Disposal of Armed Forces surplus
15. Arranging disposal old Aircrafts/Helicopters
16. Arranging / conduct of TOT Contracts
17. Provision and conduct of IT, Software / Hardware